About The Author

The author/collaborator for this collection of short stories prefers to remain anonymous and give all the attention, glory and honor to God and to the Lord Jesus Christ!
The whole purpose of this book is to spread the message of Gods love for humanity and to encourage people of all ages to seek God and experience a personal loving relationship with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit!!! And to encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds to Love one another and live the life of Love in peace and harmony!!!

About Christ for Czechia.org
Christ for Czechia is a not for profit organization. Our goal is to awaken the people and reintroduce them to the God of Love. To plant seeds of hope and truth and Love in the hearts and minds of non-believers, and to nourish the hearts and souls of believers and help them fully know who they are and what they have as followers of Jesus Christ!
Currently we are looking to support local ministries that are already working in similar programs. When funds allow we plan to organize a nation wide marketing campaign and then, when needed, do full time ministry working with the various churches. We hope and pray this will grow, and similar projects will be organized in other countries as well. All to the glory and honor of God and Jesus!